Friday, May 4, 2018

SEmotion Female Stands Set 1 - 10 HQ Bento Animations

Halluuu fancys,

i am happy to show you today a set of 10 HQ Bento Animations from SEmotion. 
I am really new at making videos but for me is important that you can see how the avatar move and work with this super animations. 
SEmotion is for me the best place if you need animations for your AO.
You should visit her shop because you can find there a lot of different products like animations (single + couple), poses, AO´s.... Wish you a great shopping time there ♥

Taxi to SEmotion

Aaaand now my video, hope you like it :D 

....oooh oooh cant upload it here so please click on >>> this link <<< and you can watch it on my flickr.

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