Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thank you for all your support about the last 6 years

First I wanna say a big big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my sponsors and I mean ALL over the last 6 years. It was always a pleasure and fun promote your awesome products in my little blog. Thank you for your trust and that I was a part of your blogger family. As some of you know I lost a couple of days my way and I dont find it back so I decide to say good bye. After all the years its not easy for me and its a really tough decision. My way in second life ends after 8 years here and today. I cant anymore handle this. I know everyone have ups and downs and its okay to be not okay but normally I find my way back easier. This time every day its a fight to log in, to see couples and feeling all the time I have failed so hard, again. On this point nothing help me to calm down and forget the time and my feelings to a special person. I am feeling small and dont want to remember anything. My mind is so full of all the things he said and he dont mean it and if you have met rl and you thought this is it the fall is deeper and maybe its because I am getting old or something I cant no more longer stay. I have not much friends in sl because I always stand on my platform and work work work but all of you that going this long long way with me thank you soo much and I wish you all the best. To all my customers and followers I am soo thankful for your support. I dont want to write a long long text its not my stlye I am not that social I think. Its just an information for all who interesting and I dont want surprise you if my profile is gone in some days. I wish you all the best and I loved to see every single postie and new release and all the creativity you make every single day! I am proud I was a long time a part of an awesome community of lovely and creative people.
Omg I never thought its so tough on me -.- Ok I think on this point you all are informed and I can stop writing this feelings.
Thank you for your open ear and wish every single one of you all the best <3

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