Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hold my head up high!

After one night with a lot of thoughts and now reading all your lovely words. I am feeling sad and happy too that soo many people take care of me and yes its hard and I think it was a big bad decision. I mean why should I leave all my work and time for a man who doesn´t want me.

I dont want to lost all the time and work for years. So finally SL is my home, my time eating place and I am proud of all the things I have reached.

I will take my last power, hold my head up high and work work work as always.

Hopefully some of my sponsors can understand my chaos of feelings and take me back. I need to be more calmer again and do what is good for myself and this is being creative with all your amazing people! Thank you for the strength you give me all with your words. Lets start working and look forward <3

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